Our Approach

Being a family owned company, our work is our Pride. We get the job done right and in the right amount of time. Nothing too big or too small!

Our Story

On the eve of Ralph and Terry Borwegens wedding, September 30, 1977 they had traded Ralphs 1969 Ford Tractor for a brand new 1977 Mack. This was the start of what is now known as Borwegen Trucking, Inc.

Ralph had run the new Mack trailer all winter long. When spring came that year, he felt he needed to work Excavation and run the heavy machinery. Not being able to physically do both, he put a driver in his truck and then started what is now know as Borwegen Excavation & Repair, Inc. When winter returned, he needed to go back to driving truck. It wouldn’t be right to put the guy driving his 1977 Mack out, so he was forced to buy another truck.

A beautiful blue, double sleeper with a Cummins engine was purchased to see the country with. This truck was eventually sold and a 1978 brown double sleeper Peterbilt with a Cat engine took its place. During the winter months, Ralph and Terry traveled around the country.

On January 18, 1982 while unloading at the Indian Springs Air force Auxiliary Field (now Creech Air force base) in Nevada, the thunderbirds were practicing for a performance at Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona. Four T-38As, Numbers 1-4, compromising the basic diamond formation, hit the desert floor almost simutaneously on Range 65, now referred to as “The Gathering of Eagles Range”. The pilots were practicing the four-plane line abreast loop, in which the aircrafts climb in side-by-side formation at several thousand feet, pull over in a slow, inside loop, and descend at more than 400 mph. The planes were meant to level off at about 100 feet. Instead, the formation stuck the ground at high speed .

Ralph and Terry continued their travels until they decided to start a family. Their daughter Lacey was born December of 1982. Times were tough and it was difficult to make ends meet. Ralph was forced to get back on the road when their daughter was only 1 month old. He returned when she was 2 months old and that was the end of the his cross country travels. They sold the brown Peterbilt with only a few payments left. The 1977 Mack continued to run and the Excavation business began to grow.

Early in 1985, when they were expecting their second child, Ralph was contacted by a businessman that he knew well and had worked with before. Ralph and Terry were presented with an opportunity to expand their Trucking company with a petroleum side. This opportunity came with 1 truck, 2 trailers, 1 driver, a list of gas stations and a DOS computer. The week of March 15, 1985 Ralph and Terry had a beautiful baby girl named Kristy, closed on the new part of their business and purchased a building which would be not only their home but a place they could run their small business,  in a town called Preston Hollow in Upstate New York.

In 1987, the Greenville location was purchased and it is where they still work and call home. The businesses have grown as well as their family. August of 1989, their son Jonathan was born .

Jonathan, now having a wife and family of his own , has branched off and started Borwegen Transport,LLC.